10 Best Matcha Snacks on Amazon — Part 1

10 Best Matcha Snacks on Amazon — Part 1

So, what sorts of matcha snacks and desserts are available? Below are my top 10 matcha snack products from Japan on Amazon!

3. Hello Panda Biscuits (10 Pack) — $17.99
Matcha Cream Sandwich Cookies / Green Tea Cookies Furuta Ninjapo — $23.99
Manufactured by:  Fusion Select

Manufacturer:  Ninjapo

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Everyone knows that granola is not just for breakfast, but good for our lifestyle wants and midday snacks.  Can you envision tea matcha granola! Puffy Japanese gorotto granola dried ingredients such as dried tofu and kabocha pumpkin seeds and is made of rice, oats.  Top that with green tea matcha. This Japanese granola is tough to find outside of Japan. Healthy and yummy.
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Manufacturer:  Ninjapo

I have listed my 10 options for matcha snacks.  Do not just take my word for it, those listed below have received at least a customer inspection of 4.5/5.  All products are imported from Japan.

2. Japanese Matcha Granola Cereal 3 Pack / Matcha and Mochi Nisshin Cisco Fruit Cereal Gorotto granola — $26.70

The Japanese take our love for matcha very seriously!  Japan’s love for green tea matcha has entered life beyond a delicious beverage.  Matcha started to find its way which we had no thought would become a Japanese export industry.
Many tourists and visitors have fallen in love.  But, the global trend for matcha is demanding ways to find these tea bites. They have gotten so popular that now you can find a lot of them on Amazon. 

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If you’re planning on buying a wholesome snack which you can give to the children, then why not stock up. Meiji from Fusion Select makes it easy with these chosen Hello Panda Biscuits.  These beautiful crispy bite-sized cubes are filled with yummy matcha along with flavors. Each box holds over 2 oz.

Delicious green tea cream sandwich biscuits are the perfect afternoon treat with your cup of tea that is Japanese.  Matcha green tea lotion is encased between two crisp wafer biscuits.  

Produced by:  Nissin Shisuko

Japanese Moist Green Tea Cho-co-late Snack / Riska Ninjapo Sakutto Sittori Matcha (2.5ounce — 5pcs Set) — $24.99
We love cookies with our tea.  And these biscuits from Akai Bohshi are well known in Japan for their very snacks.  This provider is a favorite in the homeland and their cookie confections are given as presents.  In my homeland of Japan, it is tradition food as gifts and to provide cookies that are boxed. Many Japanese kids grew up with this company, so I recommend it.   Bundle contains 12 individual cookies with 3 flavors along with matcha green tea.

These Japanese green tea chocolate bites are the ideal size to enjoy with a cup of sexy Japanese green tea.  Every 2.5-ounce chocolate is individually wrapped and you will find 5 pieces included in this offering. This is an ideal choice to provide guests to give as a gift.