10 Greatest Matcha Snacks on Amazon — Part Two

10 Greatest Matcha Snacks on Amazon — Part Two

What kinds of matcha desserts and snacks are available? Here are my top 10 matcha bite goods from Japan on Amazon!
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Manufacturer:  Pocky

Manufacturer:  ShopKei ROYCE (Lloyds)

Is candy a bite?  It is particularly when it includes matcha, and in my house.  This is a milk candy that’s sweet and creamy. You’ll get 3 bags, so that you can do the math and see what a great deal it is.  Don’t forget that it’s also a wholesome snack treat for the children when they beg you.
Who doesn’t like a Kit Kat bar’s wafer feel?  And thanks to the ingenuity and tradition of Kit Kat, we’ve got a global pleasure with the candy flavoring of matcha’s union.  As it’s an import from Japan only, you wont find this on your shop shelf. Try them, you will not be disappointed.
10. Pocky Matcha Green Tea Lotion Covered Biscuit Sticks — $31.80

6. Traditional Japanese Sweet Bean Paste Jelly / Sugimotoya Okonomi Yokan — $14.90
8. Matcha Milk Candy (2.82 oz) — $11.08

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Our passion is taken by the Japanese for matcha!  Daily life has been entered by japan’s love for tea matcha beyond just a flavorful beverage.  Matcha began to find its way to tasty snacks which we had no idea would become a export market.

Manufacturer — Kit Kat

This snack is matcha green tea at a chocolate form that is supreme.  Matcha green tea is folded into white chocolate ganache producing a creamy confection That’s infused with light and refreshing green tea.   There’s a rainbow of flavor from begin to finish. This item comes shipped to assure freshness. You receive about 10 oz of matcha soda.  This product has a short expiration date of 30 days from the date.  

Manufacturer:  Sugimotova

One of my absolute preferred snacks are.  Here you will find a biscuit rod surrounded by a matcha cream. Your taste buds will love the perfect combination of sweetness, lightness, crunch, and softly textures.  This bite is really come through with by the matcha-flavored coating. 
As a inspection is scored by this product from every client, and every Amazon review and I additionally agree.  Pocky bite sticks come in a 20-pack box with every rod measuring 1.41 ounces each.  

Visitors and tourists have fallen in love with matcha snacks, which up to this period could be located in Japan.  But, the global craze for matcha is demanding new techniques to find these tea snacks. They’ve become so popular that now you can find a lot of them. 

Manufacturer — Kanro
I’ve recorded my 10 options for matcha snacks.  Don’t just take my word for it, those listed below have obtained no less than a customer inspection of 4.5/5.  All products are imported from Japan.

Jelly is a sweet treat that is tasty and healthful. Once popular in the U.S., Japan has always had an obsession for sweet jelly treats.  All these traditional delicacies are made from agar, which is a innovation utilized for centuries in Western cuisines.  All are vegetarian and vegan. This collection includes jelly that is traditional in 4 tastes and matcha. Contains 9 pieces of 1.5 oz (about 4 g ) each.

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Give these items a try and let me know what you think.  

Until next time, keep loving all about your green tea and matcha.