1st Picking Shi Feng Longjing #43 / Verdant

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Leaf Sort: Green

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I confused it as a 14, when I first struck Longjing. Easy to do but today I see that Longjing is flatter and has.

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They smell lovely it’s that summer grass smell.

Tiffany Rupp is a teaholic. She loves to find new teas. Businesses which harvest their tea sustain-ably as far as tea goes she and are her preference enjoys greens and oolongs that are lighter.

Longjing tea leaves are somewhat level.
This first pluck is ripe with sweet flavors. There is a uniqueness in the astringency since it reminds me of eating a tangerine. The leaves are my favorite part of a Longjing.
Mrs. Li’s first choosing of this year is filled of all the sugars and nutrients saved by the plant all winter and offers a more complicated, sweet and lively taste experience. It’s thicker texture than after harvests and a longer aftertaste. While the water comes from mountain springs, producing a flavor that can not be matched out of Shi the soil is full of white sand and quartz.