2018 Laoshan Osmanthus Black / Verdant

2018 Laoshan Osmanthus Black / Verdant

Everything comes on the palette. I think I want more of the.

Published at Fri, 08 Nov 2019 16:15:02 +0000
Yes. Dual and triple yes.

This is a brand new 2018 premiere! We were lucky enough to talk about the He Family’s Roasted Oolong blossom with osmanthus blossoms that are neighborhood. This season Mr. He wished to discuss a rich reserve-level Fall Harvest Laoshan Black, scented during finishing with miniature hand-picked Laoshan Osmanthus flowers. The brown sugar, honey and chocolate notes are melded with all the luscious nearly creamy floral of this He Family Osmanthus blossoms. This tea is one of the toughest to make from the He Family collection because the osmanthus blossoms are so small that they must select thousands to make batch of tea, but the results are worth the effort.
For each batch they need to select at thousands of blossoms. While processing the tea after getting rid of all else and de-stemming the blossoms dry. As soon as they reach the point the flowers are added to the tea. An individual might ask if all that trouble is worth it.

You discover it lacks scent because I wonder what it is that you are in for and did and will open the package. That is my first time trying an osmanthus flower mixed with a tea. It won’t be the last. The leaves exude a unique odor, unlike anything I have smelled in a tea before. It is sweet, such as cologne, with floral notes along with undertones. Hold on to your hats, the wonderful train does not stop there.