3 Clever Portable Tea Brewers on Kickstarter

3 Clever Portable Tea Brewers on Kickstarter


“Many people believe [the whisk] is part of formal tea service and hard to use,” said Takamori. “They believe they should have learned Tea Ceremony to enjoy that type of tea. I designed this shaker to permit for a more casual and effortless way to savor Matcha.” Takamori was born in Uji, a town. To prepare matcha in the Tea Shaker, simply put of matcha into the strainer on top of the container. Then filter the matcha powder throughout the strainer; add water, place and seal the lid on the top and shake. The unique lid allows the matcha to aerate, which generates the finish. The tea shaker is made of shatter resistant BPA-free Tritan and is currently in the middle of its Kickstarter effort .

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Published at Tue, 05 Nov 2019 08:33:22 +0000
The Mosi Tea mobile brewer from Durham, North Carolina eliminates the need for the traditional array of tea brewing paraphernalia by combining all the essentials into a practical apparatus. Tea goes into the sieve, which gets fastened to the lid, to boil; next water is added to the container, the lid is attached and the apparatus gets flipped upside down for the steeping time that is desirable. To beverage, reverse it right-side up, remove the lid and enjoy. The siv is created of silicone, so the consumer doesn’t need to remove it to take a sip, and also the lid flips open. The container is made without impacting the surface temperature of Tritan, which retains beverages inside cold or warm. The drinking spout has been inspired by ancient Chinese tea cups and the loop of Mosi handle can be trimmed to a backpack. Mosi Tea’s Kickstarter effort concluded, but the apparatus can be purchased on Indiegogo.
The Pebble Bottle was created with cold brew coffee and tea lovers in your mind. The Pebble Bottle, that was invented by Hugh, Inc.. , a Korean appliance manufacturer located in Seoul and Los Angeles, joins an insulated vacuum flask and a cold brewer. A micron filter enhances the extraction process by preventing sediment. To boil tea, you pours water on top puts tea leaves into the filter, seals the lid also lets it boil. The lid prevents the mixture from having contact so the beverage inside retains its flavor. It is a double lid that can hold coffee grounds, tea leaves and whatever else will fit inside. The brewer has obtained $41,000 from donors at a prosperous Kickstarter effort that finishes Nov. 7.

Kickstarter is a forum in which creative entrepreneurs can introduce their products to people while opening themselves to funding. It is also a excellent way for consumers provide retailers access to unique products that they may want to inventory to put themselves apart, and to get an introduction to innovative products that have not hit retail shelves. The apparatus below create brewing types of tea simple, convenient and portable.

Mosi Tea:”Brew and beverage loose-leaf tea anywhere”

Mosi Tea brewer (Photo credit: kickstarter.com/projects/mositea)