5 Innovative Products Seen at Natural Products Expo East

5 Complex Products Seen at Natural Products Expo East

Based in Island Pond, Vermont uses the famous maple syrup in tea of the state.
The company’s eight organic teas are lightly sweetened with maple syrup
harvested from over 16,000 acres of sugar maple trees making them”the
biggest single-source producer of maple in the world” according to MapleGuild.com. The Maple Guild
utilizes its own Steam-Crafting™ system, rather than using heat to
boil the syrup so as to preserve all its natural taste nuances. Its
eight organic tea tastes are: Black Tea, Black Tea Lemon, Black Tea with Mixed
Berry, Black Tea Peach, Black Tea Raspberry, Green Tea, Green Tea Ginger, and
Green Tea Mint.  

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Bondi Beach, Australia-based Soda Press Co.. Generates the very first Certified Organic Shelf-Stable Kombucha Concentrate. The business now manufactures its Kombucha Syrups in 3 flavors: Original, Cola Nut & Kaffir Lime, and Passionfruit & Tangerine, all which may be prepared with a SodaStream machine. High in probiotics and green teas and organic black are utilized to produce the syrups, which are low in sugar.

Soda Press Co..

Soda Press Kombucha Syrup (Photo by Elizabeth Dobos)

The Maple Guild, which is
Newport News, Virginia-based Virginia First Tea Farm

Organic Products Expo East Happened at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland Sept. 11-14. Listed below are a few businesses that incorporated tea and herbs to products.
Manufactures tea soaps and personal care and cleansing products which incorporate organic green tea. The company’s philosophy is that”nature’s way
is the best way” and uses green tea because of its antioxidants in addition to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Among the
Organization’s clever, natural products are: Jasmine & Green Tea Castile Soap
for Face and Body, All-in-One Natural Tea Shampoo & Conditioner (Peppermint
and Green Tea), and Dish Soap with green tea.

Virginia First Tea Farm

(Photo Credit: virginiafirstteafarm.com)

Traditions introduced its Yerba Mate Mint Latte with Matcha and Probiotics.
The packaged blend contains 1 billion heat and shelf stable probiotics plus milk each serving. It’s readily prepared with cold or hot water and the taste is satisfying and smooth with a hint of mint. Without causing jitters, the drink is uplifting. Organic Traditions’ focus is to provide Certified Organic superfoods and operational combinations”for avoidance,
regeneration and longevity,” states the firm’s website.

The Maple Guild

The Maple Guild teas (Photo by Elizabeth Dobos)

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Produces shots and practical tea tonics. Each is devised for
different purposes, such as clearing skin, helping digestion, and detoxing encouraging adrenals, the liver, and more. The business was
founded by a mother and daughter who are both Certified Health Coaches from the
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a pioneering institution in holistic
education. Teaonic now offers four photos and eight tonics.
Van Nuys, California-based Teaonic
Tornoto, Canada-based Organic