Blast From the Past: December gongfu brewing tips

Contributor: International Tea Hut

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Humility is a very important part of Tea’s Spirit. Because of this, we should never cultivate a sense of expertise or a feeling of superiority. Always be willing to learn and also to improve your tea brewing, and that’s to enhance your self. When giving assignments we constantly tell the pupils that we’re going to promise to never judge the way that you make tea if you promise to always keep learning and improving!
After doing Gongfu experiments, it is crucial to maintain such open-mindedness in learning from brewers. Just because you cannot distinguish between two methods doesn’t imply that there is not difference. It is okay to brew your tea but it is a good idea to revisit the heart experiments to find out if you do so with an open mind, and get different results. Occasionally among our educators would describe a sensation. We’d therefore not incorporate that facet into our tea brewing. We stay humble, listen and attempt the experiment again after. Many times we find that as time passeswe come to locate our teachers’ methods have a basis in tea.
Remember to concentrate on the more than the flavor or aroma, when doing Gongfu experiments. Because of this it is helpful brew it milder than you generally do and to use a tea you are extremely comfortable with. It may also be helpful to substitute the experiment. You will benefit from returning to the experiment annually even in the event that you believe you just distinguish a radical difference.

Among the best Gongfu hints we can provide you is to stay modest and open-minded. Always revisit old experiments. Sometimes you may not have discovered anything in the first attempt, but the results will stand out the second or even next time you attempt. Other times you will notice the effect distinctly; and on occasion you will come to enjoy various aspects of the experiments.

Together with the abundance of valuable knowledge we have accumulated through time, we believe that some prior posts are worth sharing . Thus, Fridays are”Blast From the Past” — at which we choose a T Ching article from this month but a previous year that we believe is worth another read and breathe new life into it. Enjoy!
Try the Gongfu experiment : use three cups that are . Pour to the first. Then pour half that to the second and of the second. If you did this experiment last time together with water, try it using tea (or vice versa). What happens to the spirits as it travels from cup to cup? How would you describe the changes? Are they qualitative? Are there any features you notice this time around?
Pictures courtesy of International Tea Hut.  This post was written by Wu De, first released by International Tea Hut at December 2012.