Blast From the Past: The Camaraderie of Tea: A Poem

Eyes fulfill and socialize with approval.
Broad smiles on blissful lips.
Gasps of agreement — tea moving down smooth.
As simple as silk.
A life threatening bond.

Stories of tea — selections of tea;
A stranger in the distant land.
Offers a cup of tea.
Expresses a love of tea.
Confesses a obsession with tea.
Shares a new way .
A fascinating bond.

Originally posted in August 2016 by Dharlene Fahl
A unique experience to be had.
A rare and delightful tea to sip company.
To unveil and research using a brand new friend.
Brought together by way of tea.
An unusual bond.

A sharing of this pouring. Slow silent swallows.
Steep the leaves again.
A gift to be shared.
A broad collection of tea.
From one to another — the passion shared.
A tightly-wrapped package.
Never opened — highly valued — secured.
Reserved for just-the-right event.
An intricate bond.

Water purifies — a marriage solidifies.
An instant bond.
Observations are quiet.
Leaves dance and magically unfurl.
Aromas lightly hover — marginally intoxicate.
An enchantment takes grip.
A somewhat bond.