Cold RemeTea/Laughing Tree

Cold RemeTea/Laughing Tree

This summer has been a hot mess in regards to anything weather related.  Our weather has been all over the board that has completed a number on both my husband’s and my own nostrils.  With the amount of high pressure and low pressure circles which have been hitting our area, we are literally taking turns on which one of us is having difficulties and once more, it’s my turn.
Tea is a fire that immediately turned into an obsession, quite similar to my love for polka dots, the horror genre, and whatever that’s geeky and fun. I drink all types of tea and will try a tea make sure I didn’t bumble the initial infusion.

Besides SororiTea Sisters, I am also the blogger and genius (I use that word very loosely) supporting CuppaGeek, in which I critique tea, novels, and the terror genre.

Cold RemeTea is a delightful herbal blend of hyssop, chamomile, echinacea, cranberry powder, peppermint, and elderberry.  The mix itself includes that and a odor is exactly what the tea tastes like.  Yes, this is for an herbal tea but I really enjoyed this unique mix.  The mint for sure helped place a pep back in my step.

Want to Know More About This Tea?
I am a late 30s something mother who loves her loved ones, will be getting married to a wonderful man and has 4 kids (two mine-2 his). We have a gorgeous life and that I would not change a thing.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every tea mix I have had from Laughing Tree and this is for one which I will pick up more for the future. A way to battle colds and sinus infections in the future!
A fantastic tasting way to help also the occasional sore throat, coughs and fight colds. You do not need to be sick to enjoy the taste of this
Laughing Tree is a new tea company to me but I’ve been in love with all of the blends that I’ve attempted from them and that I completely forgot that I had one serving left of their Cold RemeTea after sending off a couple goodie boxes to the rest of the SororiTea Sisters.

soothing blend.

Learn much more about this particular tea and tea company here!