Creme Brulee Grey Black Tea/Plum Deluxe

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I don’t mean powerful, in-your-face bergamot. I mean they did not wimp out on us. It is quality stuff. The very first cup has deep, dark colour. The bergamot flavor is powerful enough to please an Earl Grey lover, and balanced enough with all the ingredients to please the reluctant. A creaminess is added by the accession of vanilla, and it sweetens. The aftertaste leaves a lively tingle on the tongue.

Earl Grey tea is black tea with bergamot taste, and there’s a huge difference in organic bergamot — a kind of sour orange — and artificial. Many people today believe because they attempted either a tea made with a bad substitute for the actual deal or a base that lemony and chamomile to take on sour orange they don’t like Earl Grey. Others love the stuff, any old way.

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Leaf Sort:  Black

Where to Purchase:  Plum Deluxe


I left a second steep, to stretch my sample. It had been adequately strong, and great! In future, I double my tea buck and would combine the two steeps together. The cost is reasonable for a blend of this quality, but more money equals more tea! I had been smitten with their Reading Nook blend, therefore I want to get the most bang for my buck so I can receive all the teas too I share and adore them.
Creme Brulee Earl Grey was the winner at our client appreciation month vote — it won.  The creamiest of cream earl greys, the lively bergamot notes equilibrium well wonderful rich cream notes. It creates a dandy London Fog (earl gray latte) or simply enjoy it with your favorite tea cake or biscuit.

Enter Creme Brulee black tea. Plum Deluxe has combined a strong black tea base with orange peel, jasmine flowers (<3), blue cornflower, bergamot oil, vanilla extract, I quote the and gratitude.I checked out their accessories page and watched quite a few items that would make fantastic gifts...or treats for me! The Victorian infuser was nice also, although I had been taken with all the pewter dragonfly strainer. This is among the subscription boxes that are more reasonable. Take a look!