Downton Abbey-Inspired Teas

Downton Abbey-Inspired Teas

“The Republic of Tea curated these blends for your Downton Abbey picture with the characters in your mind.  Each blend is curated for the flavor and also to honor the personality of Downton Abbey’s beloved personalities. The Violet and Mary’s tea includes zesty lemon and orange complemented with sweet blackberry leaves, sweet and so spicy , much like both of these characters.  The Bates Tea starts with a traditional premium black tea and layers from the sweetness of berries and vanilla to honor this beloved couple from the series and film.”

The tins are $12.50 each and are available at and specialty retailers throughout the nation.

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The combination of traditional black tea and rich, fragrant spices makes a tea that’s fit for royalty. Steep a pot and fill your house, manor or castle together with the warm scents of sweet cinnamon and cloves to welcome your guests that are most esteemed.
Life has its ups and downs, but you could always count on a fantastic cup of tea. Thyme bergamot mint and ginger mingle in this skillet. Pull on the extended glasses and have a sip of this complex herbal tea that can soften even the sharpest of tongues.

The Bates’ Tea

Kindly Supplied by The Republic of Tea
The Minister of Enlightenment, Kristina Richens Tucker, stated:

Everything You Want To Remember Before Seeing The Downton Abbey Movie

What will you’re sipping to celebrate the Downton Abbey movie ? Whether youare brand new to Downton, are recapping on the seasons, or’ve noticed the Crawley’s on the screen , make sure you be well prepared with your cuppa.
Downton Abbey: The Six-Season Refresher You Want Before Seeing the Film
Despite the dichotomy of upstairs and downstairs life, both make time for java – it’s embedded in their civilization . That’s why, in anticipation of this Downton Abbey movie, The Republic of Tea has combined three new limited edition teas.  The flavors are inspired by the award-winning TV series’ personalities, bringing to life the drama, relationships and personalities of the Crawley household. 
The standard flavours of plum pudding — spices and roasted fruit — are wed in a black tea base. This cup is ideal for high tea and can be equally tasty paired with a sandwich or snacks.

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