Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea from Umi Tea Sets

Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea from Umi Tea Sets

So to steep this tea up correctly, I found my consistently amazing Wall Tea Infuser Mug, inserted my leaves prepped some water up and put myself up for a proper cuppa.

I’m a late 30s something mom who loves her family, will be getting married to a superb man and has 4 kids (two mine-2 his / her ). We’ve got a gorgeous life and I would not change a thing.
Life sort of happened to this admin and I am slowly  getting back on the right track.  Another review is coming for the lovely tea pot in addition they sent but for this review is which Umi Tea Sets graciously delivered along.
My go with this particular tea is to try out the tea as an iced tea and I can’t wait to report back to those details. For my first experience with Umi Tea Sets tea offerings, I am instantly hooked. Teh and really yummy perfect tea for this particular green tea loving gal!

Tea is the horror genre a fire that immediately turned into an obsession similar to my passion for polka dots, and whatever that is fun and geeky. I drink all sorts of tea and will try out a tea twice to ensure I did not bumble the initial infusion.

Besides SororiTea Sisters, I am also the genius and blogger (I use that word very loosely) behind CuppaGeek, in which I review tea, books, and the horror genre.

I enabled the teas to boil for a few moments and took my first sip. One sip immediately become a gulp of not so lady like tea drinking. I eagerly enjoyed every drop and chased my first cuppa.  This tea is smooth, flavorful, simple, yet alluring and enticing.

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Ching tea, also called Dragon Well tea, is a variety of tea grown in Zhejiang province in Hangzhou. This is actually the origin of the irresistible Long Jing (Dragon Well) green tea, the finest of that scents and tastes like an nature of chlorophyll and creamed hazelnuts. The leaves of Dragon Well are broad and flat, no longer than the average finger nail, and is quite much like the Japanese green tea,”Sencha”. When steeped, the leaves open revealing a very clean flavor. Since ancient times, spectacle of West Lake and tea have been described in quotations of famous literati. Su Dongpo said that”Great Tea as Pretty Lady”, a top praise of West Lake Longjing. It’s green in colour, characters that are because of these four splendiferous, and candy with shape, and fragrant , known in China and other countries.

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The notes you get are a nutty number with a hint of a richness.  The tea’s texture is so unbelievably smooth that you do need to sit back and take a moment to appreciate the tea.    The more and more I drank this tea and allowed the leaves to steep, the longer the astringency notes start to emerge but I’m finding the charm in those notes.  I’m adoring nicely vegetal, the astringency, and notes combine and supply a sip experience that is fabulous.
To kick off this review right, let’s just start off by saying how excited we were to receive Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea.  Green tea is my favorite tea and always my go to tea to start off right or just to have a moment and appreciate, something I was desperately needing to do.