Fatal Assault on Tea Estate Physician Prompts Legislation to Protect Healthcare Workers

Released at Mon, 09 Sep 2019 21:04:22 +0000

Indian medical association chief Santanu Sen together with all the loved ones of Dr Deben Dutta, who had been killed by laborers in Teok Tea Estate at Assam Jorhat district. (Photo from Nirmalendu Pathak)

Sources: The New India Express, The Tribune, NDTV, East Mojo
The audience not just hit on the physician with blows and kicks, but in addition they stabbed him with glass shreds from broken windowpanes. Among the
miscreants actually utilized a shred of broken glass to rip the trouser and cut on the blood vessels in the right leg of the victim,” she wrote.

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Aparajita Dutta, spouse of
The deceased, composed prime minister Shri Narendra Modi that her husband had been”completely innocent and there wasn’t any negligence on his role in treating the
demised patient.” She mentioned the”failure of the police and other security
forces in handling the angry mob resulting to the passing of our beloved family

“In the
Via media shows Dutta as he tries to quell a rock-throwing crowd, bleeding . He had been rescued by paramilitary police but
whined in transit the local hospital, to Jorhat Medical College.
An indefinite lockout in the garden, one of many managed by Amalgamated
Plantations Personal Ltd. (APPL),
an undercover of Tata Global Beverages.

outrage. The departure of dutta is the newest of six episodes, mainly in Assam,
involving assaults on staff. The Assam government decided to fast-track the court to
test the case after the arrest of 21 employees.

The legislation proposes a
Emotionally surcharged atmosphere of losing a loved one, it is the healthcare
providers who get to bear the brunt of the bereaved relatives’ lost anger,” writes The Tribune.
“This is a much-needed safeguard for medical professionals, who, shaken by rising
incidents of attack on physicians and vandalising of all hospitals/clinics, have needed to hit work in their quest for protection of legislation.”

Dr. Deben
The nation reacted in

Doctors nationwide called
Medical Association found that more than 75 percent of physicians across the nation have
been endangered in cases of which place was taken by 50 percent in the Intensive
Care Unit of doctors. In 70% of cases patients’ relatives were involved.

10-year prison term and fines of INR10 lakh ($15,000) for
people found guilty of attacking physicians, hospital centers and health care

Physicians across India whined a brutal attack from the family of a patient who died in West Bengal during treatment. It was a foreboding prelude to the Aug. 31 passing of 73-year-old physician Deben Dutta in Teok Tea Estate.
Legislation to avoid violence and damage to property are not a deterrent against attacks, ” he said.

A 24-hour attack on Sept. 3 to protest the attack. The legislation that was proposed prompted para-medical staff, pharmacists, and physicians and their assistants to
march in the streets of Jorhat.

A movie distributed
Bhattacharjee, secretary-general of the India Tea Association said,”This
episode and another attack on a medical officer in Dikom Tea Estate have
shaken the morale of tea pot executives, not to talk of medical officers
working in the plantations, many of whom have resigned because Dr. Dutta’s

Protestors gather to remember Dr. Deben Dutta, the most recent of many physicians and health care workers injured by researchers and relatives of deceased patients.

Dutta, who had been born and worked his entire life in Teok estate, was at home when
a grievously injured worker was brought to the clinic about 3 p.m. Dutta arrived
within 10-15 minutes but the worker, Shri Somra Majhi, died,
resulting in angry shouts from relatives that attracted a crowd.

Dr. Deben Dutta aided by security employees at Teok Tea Estate after that he had been fatally injured by rock-throwing bunch of angry employees after the passing of one of the comrades. An ambulance was reportedly denied access to Dutta who had been rescued by police. (Photo from Ankur Borgohain)

Chandra Thakur suffered broken bones
and ribs after he had been brutally attacked by a set of garden employees following a woman’s passing he had been treating. Early this month Dr.
Mridusmita, the resident physician at Dihing Tea Estate, was assaulted by a violent
tea garden mob. Safety concerns led seven tea garden physicians to

The India

View: Assam at a Crossroads


Tension by planters to cover the annual bonus over objections and wages. The Union
Health Ministry subsequently suggested
laws banning imprisonment and hefty fines for assaulting healthcare employees. This week, the state authorities in Assam agreed to a full incentive for employees.