Happy National Chai Day!

Happy National Chai Day!

“Chai” is simply the Hindi term for tea. When most tea drinkers in Western cultures use the term”chai,” they are often referring to a particular variety of tea called”masala chai.” This term translates to”spiced tea” in Hindi.  

What is Chai Tea?

Don’t be shocked if you discover the rich, robust odor of royal spices wafting from the air on September 21st–after all, this date was formally announced National Chai Day.
Chai is deeply ingrained in culture, plays a significant role in life that is local. Vendors called”chai wallahs” sell sexy, freshly steeped chai on street corners, trains and buses, making sure that everybody has easy access for their everyday cuppa. 
As your tea steeps, wrap your hands around the hot cup and breathe in the aroma of warming spices and tea leaves.

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Add a splash of milk and a spoonful of honey or sugar to make a chai latte that is pleasing –perfect for sipping on a chilly autumn or winter day. However you prefer to prepare your chai, make sure to a cup .

This beverage strikes a balance between earthy, fiery, smooth and sweet. 
Rich spices that are imperial and northern tea leaves deliver a flavor profile that is classic. For something a bit different, sample Republic Chai® Green Tea or Republic Chai® Red Tea.
What better way to celebrate the history of chai and honor this ancient beverage than simply by steeping a cup of chai tea? The standard way of preparing chai entails substituting the tea bags with water, milk, and sugar or honey.
Legend has it that masala chai’s history stretches back decades, as it had been developed as a revitalizing Ayurvedic beverage for an ancient king. This oldest version of masala chai contained a combination of spices, but no tea leaves.

It wasn’t until the British colonial era that leaves out of the Camellia sinensis plant (along with milk and sugar) were added to masala chai, creating the beverage that’s known and loved around the world now. 
Insert the sweet, hot spiciness of masala chai to any cup of tea using Chai Spice Honey for Tea. Inspired by India’s age-old chai recipes, this Grade A honey features a mix of cloves, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon.
May vary by region. They include a mix of spices along with Darjeeling or Assam tea leaves, like peppercorn, cardamom, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. The beverage is served hot with milk and sugar, creating a sweet and creamy taste that balances the spices out.