Kanchenjunga Tears — Part 2

Kanchenjunga Tears — Part Two

He knows he will be there.

Shielded from the mist  

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The mist covered tea hills of Darjeeling with their exquisite beauty,
Pale of this Everest that is eternal.

Of the endearing Darjeeling.
While it Tactics over 

He is mysterious and he knows.

Darjeeling Tea Hills

His secrets are kept by them — they shroud his presence
Many leave and will fall their spirits behind for the 
The mist keeps Everest at bay.

Mountain whisperer to find.

Taunting — he stands hypnotic and imperial.
While traveling in Darjeeling together, Kandy had the American version of her dad’s novel. The inclusion of these photographs were shown to be priceless. We met with a number of the folks that appeared in the publication — photographs taken fifty years before! There were shouts of joy tears, long life threatening. The effect this family had on Kanchenjunga’s people has been abandoned indefinitely. The hills hold these spirits that are valuable, and they weep, today.
It’s the rest of the planet he seeks, and if he speaks,

Going home to Darjeeling

And guards all of the precious tea hills 
Their hearts get the summon.


And offer the attuned viewer — the sight of a lifetime.
And some never know why.

Most are beckoned to see the tea hills of Darjeeling, 
Pictures provided and copyright held by writer
Caught up in the daily,
The Darjeeling experience

I have written several posts of my trip to the Fletcher family, England, and Darjeeling. A member of our tea family is now gone. With condolences to Kandy Smith, my friend, we send blessings out of America. 
The seed to sprout — perhaps not in this lifetime.

A whisper that silently settles from the heart,

On a unique and rare event
He stands mighty in all his and is calm

They  part only for mere seconds 

If you are lucky, by the Darjeeling heights, 
Darjeeling Tea Hills
Those who’ll dance with the spirit of Everest.

The Kanchenjunga Mountains so close; 
For he knows they belong.

An invitation they can’t resist;
Is the retrieval of a spirit.
They drop in reverence.

Everest waits — no haste is known by him.

The expansive and grandiose Everest stands still

So they may enter hearts and the dreams of these entranced some souls struggle to remain behind; 

A seed awaiting its germination
He calls not to the tea people below — he leaves them alone.

His presence is calling, frightening, and daring;
Masculine power and presence.
A flasher demanding the expression of surprise.
Continued from Kanchenjunga Tears — Part 1

Clouds which bow down to the almighty Everest;

Everest looms from the distance that is distant.
The call of this mighty — to get a few
He’ll expose himself .