Mango Black Tea/Capital Teas Ltd

Mango Black Tea/Capital Teas Ltd

Since I am unsure how old it really is and got this tea at a tea swap, I thought there was some flavor deterioration which could account for the dearth of its flavor in my smoothie. To test my theory , I brewed a cup of this tea just as a tea up and must sipping to come across a whole lot of mango juiciness atop a metallic ceylon base. Because it tastes like a cherry flavored tea as opposed to just cherry A mango breakfast tea actually.

Input That is where I learned of so many tea companies, found tea swaps, also met some incredible tea buddies. My desire to test all the teas grew and since joining I’ve tried over a thousand teas. I’ve learned exactly what and I’ve learned what flavors I do not like. I determined my brewing method is Western-style with sweeteners or no milk, though I enjoy smoothies , brewed teas, teapops, lattes, and brewing. I expect to do so just once I get the proper teaware to perform it although I have to brew gong-fu style.

About one year before, I stopped drinking tea but as my stash of over 200 teas started aging I decided that I needed to respark my attention. I chose to take a 365 times of tea challenge on Instagram where I post a tea film every day. So far it has been rather successful as I find myself drinking (and buying) increasingly more tea every day. Plus it allowed CuppaGeek to find me and invite me here.
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By steeping 3 teaspoons of leaf I made a concentrate of Mango Black Tea by Capital Tea Limited. The concentrate obtained added to 200 g of honey greek yogurt, a mixture of 2 frozen bananas and a cup of milk. I got to drinking, figuring that this would make it possible for while getting my tea mend the other components to serve as breakfast and put half the mixture into a glass. Two birds…just stone.

Everybody else sense that if they drink tea in an empty stomach it doesn’t always feel good? Occasionally I am fine and others. Yet I have a tendency to visit my kettle first thing in the morning anyways and about what to make for breakfast stress. Well now I decided to do something a little different and ended up adding it to a breakfast smoothie.

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Leaf Sort:  Black

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Hey there! I’m a twenty-something from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who loves dogs and has a bit of an obsession with tea. As a child I hated the things since all I ever knew was Red Rose (no offense to Red Rose). A couple of years ago that changed. I was on a diet and desperate to get new flavors calories and that is when I turned to tea. I started off by heading for their flavors to DAVIDsTEA and Teavana, and since I did not know I bought 100 g of about twenty-something different teas. This was okay for its teas for those I did not I needed to find some method of getting rid of these although I liked.

The good news is that I have no nausea and I have a feeling that is full. The bad news is the flavor. I taste a number is currently playing the tartness of the greek yogurt. In addition, it is clear there’s something more than banana leading to the sweetness but its a little difficult to discern anything specifically mango.

At the day’s end, the two drinks were good. I feel the tea did add to the smoothie’s flavor though not as much as I hoped. I will play around with the components to try and coax out tea flavor.