Mansa Tea: Elevating Tea Experience Through Education

Aged tea

She grew up drinking Pu-erh, because her dad has been tea for the previous 15 decades. She stated,”I have been subjected to tea not only as a health food but also as a flavorful beverage.”

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Ashely continued,”I was a thick wine drinker. Tea is viewed by me as closer to wine than potential, range of tastes, and coffee concerning its processing. I want to present tea as something people drink not only for their health and wellness but also for its tastes.

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Pu-erh is probably the most commonly known tea that is aged. The tea leaves go after they’ve been dried and rolled, aging the teas such as wine, permitting a change in flavor with time.  Mansa has generated The Ultimate Guide to Aged Tea In 7 Minutes to help jumpstart your tea education or for a fast refresher.


Four different single-flower honey from Marcel & Marie along with three different aged teas from Mansa
Four distinct single-flower honey from Marcel & Marie along with three distinct green teas from Mansa

Their class features pairing tea with honey. The class features four types of honey, all blossom, paired with 3 aged teas. Each honey and tea will try individually to familiarize themselves with all the flavor profile of each and taste them paired together.

Expertise can be the best way to find out. It is 1 thing to see yet another to see different, and this to perform it. Mansa Handcrafted Aged Tea is trying to do exactly that to your tea consumer: schooling through experience.
“Typically once you go to a restaurant a lot of pairings happen with wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages.” Ashley continued,”We wanted to expand that believing and say what about non-alcoholic choices. Tea has so much capacity with no calories and alcohol content.”     

Ashley Lim, Founder of Mansa Tea, brewing aged tea with a handmade crackle gaiwan.
Ashley Lim, Creator of Mansa Tea, brewing aged tea with a handmade crackle gaiwan.
Instruction in Pairing

Ashely concluded,”We had been motivated by the questions we get asked following these workshops. Among the frequently asked questions was,’could I add those single-origin teas and honey .’ We’ll say, play around with your tea in your home — there’s no answer for this. There are many diverse types of honey that depending on which you add to your tea, the flavor that comes from the pairing will be drastically different.”     

Mansa aims to reach beyond that”number tea box” and mature that the palate of the typical tea consumer via pairing. One of the classes that were last featured pairings of tea and chocolate. The attendees were quite the curved table of tea bloggers.  
Focus on tea education, because, without tea education it is difficult to appreciate high grade tea and mansa’s mission would be to elevate tea experience.
“I wished to attract aged tea and only origin tea generally into New York to help consumers understand about the world of genuine tea out there,” explained Ashley Lim, founder and CEO of Mansa Tea.