Meet the International Tea Championship Judges for Your Spring Hot (Loose Leaf) Competition 2019

Meet the Global Tea Championship Judges for the Spring Hot (Loose Leaf) Competition 2019

Chinese tea also is familiar with the nuances of these teas in every one of the categories
being judged, said Bailes.

Learn more about the judges below.

Danielle Hochstetter

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“I am so excited about this because we have never had an
Jasmine, who’s 20 years of tea business expertise, is

Lydia Kung owns VeriLeaf Fine Teas and appreciates being a tea urge. On a daily basis, she samples teas as a tea importer. She has a passion for tea’s traditions and surprises. Tea can astonish and reveal characteristics and that is what makes tea unique. She loves tasting teas and sharing her comments.  Read more here.

Jhanne Jasmine

Jhanne Jasmine has over 20 years of tea business expertise. She co-founded the TeaZone tea home and in 2006, she found the Camellia Lounge. Read more here.
A lengthy time GTC judge, kung, has always been the expert on

When picking judges according to their qualifications resulted in three women for the very first time she did not set out to create an panel but was pleasantly surprised.
She chose to attract judges into the contest to have viewpoints and different backgrounds.

Hochstetter researched tea in Zhejiang University’s Tea Science department in China. “Her schooling is impeccable,” said Bailes. Hochstetter has functioned for Mighty Leaf Tea and is on the American Specialty Tea Alliance’s board.

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The Global Tea Championship’s Spring Hot (Loose Leaf) Competition will take place in Boulder, Colorado, Sept. 28-29. Dozens of teas that are commercially-sold will be tasted and evaluated by three judges: Danielle Hochstetter Lydia Kung and Jhanne Jasmine. Community Content & Conference Manager Faith Bailes explains why she chose these tea experts.
She added that when picking judges she looks for expertise and flexibility,”They have to be able to go from one class to another at a certain pace.” Thoroughness and efficiency are equally essential.
Danielle Hochstetter discovered about tea in China at Zhejiang University and ran a tea tourism industry. After returning to the United States, she worked at Teforia and Mighty Leaf Tea where she had been the Manager of Tea. Read more here.
Stash Tea Company’s primary Research & Development Specialist and was
formerly a tea home owner. “She has the expertise behind her that will
make her a terrific judge, too,” said Bailes.