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First the color. Gorgeous! Just what I hoped. That luscious emerald/jade green. Comparatively chocolatey aroma. Soft to the touch. With all the liquid, a look that is serene. Wish it had been emphasized with a beautiful froth but that is something that I find hard to do.

The crown jewel of our matcha, Misaki™ utilizes just the leaves of shade-grown tea trees created before crop, highlighting the sweetest and most luscious taste profile in our range. The captivating aromas of umami and roasted caramel may be gotten upon brewing. Chock full of L-theanine and immunity-boosting antioxidants, this wealthy ambrosia may also be prepared in’koicha’ (thick) consistency which can launch you into a transcendent state of alpha-wave nirvana

Regardless, if you like umami this includes a wonderful umami undertone. Slightly grassy, no astringency.

Tiffany Rupp is a serious teaholic. She loves to find new teas. Companies which harvest their tea sustain-ably as far as tea belongs she and are her preference enjoys oolongs and greens.
A unique aroma drifted up to my nose as I poured in water. Wish I could describe it but it was gone so fast. Mouth feel. That taste came back ; it fishy in taste but it comes and goes so quickly. However as odd as it is I had the feeling a few times from the many 22, do not worry I have taken. Perhaps it’s me?

Here is the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Purchase: Matchaeologist

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