Most Famous Places to Have Tea Around the World

Most Famous Places to Have Tea Around the World

Released at Wed, 31 Jul 2019 10:36:29 +0000
It had been constructed during the Ming Dynasty and is now the oldest continually operating teahouse in the city. Famous sponsors of this Huxinting Teahouse comprise Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II.
Tea was an integral part of Japanese culture for thousands of years, and the tradition of drinking tea is still alive and well over Japan. Okitsu Club–a traditional tea house located adjacent to the Kyoto Imperial Palace–is among the most well-known places to experience the most iconic Japanese tea service utilizing matcha green tea.
Choose from 18 excellent teas; the most exceptionally knowledgeable staff is on-hand to talk about their expertise and offer recommendations if you are unsure.
Even though the scale of its own tea production pales compared to nations like Indonesia and Sri Lanka, Malaysia shares a British colonial-era tea background with its Southeast Asian neighbors. The Eastern & Oriental Resort hosts among the most iconic afternoon teas in Malaysia, and also the menu and decor is traditionally English.

The tea selection is just as dazzling: Assam black tea, British breakfast, also Rooibos Chai, just to mention a few. Snack on conventional tea time desserts like petit fours and pastries, or opt for the decadent Russian blinis topped with caviar.
Okitsu’s villa setting is as elegant as it is peaceful–perfect for the discerning tea connoisseur. Visitors may also have the opportunity to take part in different aspects of Japanese culture, such as an incense ceremony and kimono dressingtable.

The Russian Tea Room (New York City, United States)

Nibble on decadent petit fours and macaroons while enjoying the glamorous ambiance: crisp white linens, porcelain tea sets, and dancing candlelight. Choose from classic varietals such as Earl Grey and chamomile tea, or rely upon the careful staff to create a suggestion.
Considered to be among the most exquisite tea rooms in the world, the Russian Tea Room has hosted celebrities and New York City’s elite for over 80 years. This iconic place prides itself on providing an opulent, over-the-top experience; stroll through the classic doors and feast your eyes on the red leather booths, 24-carat gold ceiling, and diverse artwork.

Any of those famous tea destinations are a worthy addition to your travel bucket list, but the good thing is that there’s not any need to leave house to sample top quality teas from around the world. The Republic of Tea is proud to provide the finest teas from China, Japan, India and more, available to sip from your own kitchen or garden. Find more inspiration here!

Okitsu Club (Kyoto, Japan)

Nobody does afternoon tea quite like the British, especially at The Ritz London. For travelers and tea aficionados seeking the quintessential afternoon tea experience in England, look no further than this iconic institution. 

Sipping tea is a centuries-old tradition that is steeped in rich cultural significance. From afternoon tea in England into the matcha tea service in Japan, also by the chai wallahs of India into the many tea houses of China, there are no boundaries or boundaries in regards to the tradition of drinking tea. 
Tea is served in the elegant Palm Court, in which a pianist serenades patrons using soothing melodies. Three-tiered platters piled high with decadent snacks (scones, finger sandwiches, pastries and tarts) decorate each table, even though the tea itself remains the highlight. 

Huxinting Teahouse is located near Yu Garden in the Old City of Shanghai, and is situated on stilts in the middle of a goldfish-filled lake. Cross the zig-zag bridge (believed to deter evil spirits) to enter the teahouse and select from a diverse choice of fine Chinese teas, for example dragon nicely and cherry green tea.

Though there are tens of thousands of teahouses and tea shops in presence, the places below stick out among the most well-known places to have tea around the world.