Pu’erh Storage Explainer [Inbetweenisode 212]

Pu’erh Storage Explainer [Inbetweenisode 212]

Pu’erh is a tea grown in Yunnan for export to Hong Kong and other areas of China and southeast Asia. Here vendors for consumption stored it. For many decades, this has been done in a procedure that’s referred to as storage. However, at a certain point this changed and people started to store pu’erh in different climates with different methods.

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Pu’erh storage.
Storing pu’erh in America or Europe.

There are a couple frequent pu’erh terms typically utilized to refer to storage (12:57). I explore a few of the challenges in storing pu’erh in drier climate, and an inherently colder.

The history of storing pu’erh.