Pumpkin Chai/Laughing Tree Tea

I loved this tea. Without being overly hot the spices mix well together. There’s a slight hint of pumpkin therefore I am suspecting that’s contained. I loved this tea its own but did discover that adding a bit of soy milk enhanced the taste. I suspect that this will make an latte.

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Leaf Sort:  Black

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Warm up with this for this pumpkin flavored chai. This really is your chai if you like pumpkin. Offered be sure to pick up your own brew. Chai is traditionally served sweetened and this fun tea is pre-sweetened with ghost and pumpkin candies.

Laughing Tree Tea (try saying that 3 times quickly ) is a hands blended and locally sourced firm that sells their tea into their cafe in Waterloo, IA but also at various farmer’s markets in the region. I loved it and smelled the sample of Pumpkin Chai from the seller stall! The scent is spicy, sweet and a little nutty. I steeped my sample upward at degrees for 3 minutes. I felt so I let it steep an additional 2 minutes after my first sip that the tea could actually benefit for a longer time that was steep. As the rooibos lends a sweet and nutty dimension to the mix I liked the mixture of teas. The traditional chai spices like cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and black pepper are present as is coriander. I love coriander, it provides a taste that is hot to blends. Also, nut oil and almond, orange, flower petals are additional.

Ingredients: Tea, Cinnamon, Apple & Rosehip bits, Cardamom, Ginger, Black & White pepper, Hibiscus Candy & Calendula & Sunflower petals, Clove, Nutmeg, and flavors.

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This is an excellent blend and I have high hopes for another 3 tea samples I picked up. It seems that we hear about the large tea companies on the market but some wonderful things are being done by the smaller businesses like Laughing Tree Tea with tea that deserve to get noticed!

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Hello there! My name is Stephenia and I am from Illinois. I am in my 30’s and am married to a husband who supports my tea dependence! Once our youngest was born, I have an Accounting degree but chose to be a stay at home mom. Tea has always been a part of my entire life. I grew up drinking fundamental Lipton tea bags produced as sun tea. My tea tastes have evolved a lot over the years however I have a soft spot for orange pekoe! I love all sorts of tea but my favorites include chai, all teas, white tea and rooibos. Besides my own tea fire I enjoy planning, photography, cooking and travel.

For a tea addict I am always on the search for tea. I mean every shop, event or place I visit I check to see if tea is present anywhere. I guess some folks shop for clothes but I store for tea. So when I was at the Freight House Farmer’s Market in Davenport I obviously went in Look for tea. I was surprised that there were stands selling everything from kombucha to matcha to loose leaf. Tea was represented here!
After walking around a little I stumbled upon the vendor rack of Laughing Tree Tea. I must admit the sample of green tea got me. I am a sucker for samples. So I decided to scope out the 14, However, the sample was nice. There were a lot of different sizes of tea and teas to odor to buy. I really do appreciate when companies offer sample packs of tea because I am drowning in tea reservations. I often want to sample a tea but do not need to commit to a complete 2 oz. Plus my husband informs me if I continue to add to my collection, I may have to rent a storage pod. At any rate I purchased 4 samples to test.

Like a child in a candy shop I ripped open the initial sample! The one I am reviewing and have tried is Pumpkin Chai.