Q&A with Rachel Rachana Carter of @iheartteas about the #NYCTeaTour

Q&A with Rachel Rachana Carter of @iheartteas on the #NYCTeaTour

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I shall say our trip was not just about tea. We also incorporated a lot of stops. We love fashion, food, and our tea.
We love conversations with Tea Bloggers! Perhaps you have read this one using Notes on Tea?
This all began a couple of decades back. Each time we got together at The World Tea Expo, Jo, Nicole, and Sara said I actually needed to visit with the tea scene. Who could argue ?

From Left to Right: Verna, JoAni, Nicole, Constance, Sara, and Rachel
Photo courtesy of Rachel
How did this trip evolve — what began it all?

My friends made sure we hit as many areas as possible.  Totally with the tea scene and Becoming local, I left the planning to the experts.

I have always wanted to visit NYC because I’ve heard of the rich tea civilization . I was lucky that Rachel visited the weekend I considered, so, I chose to go also. It was wonderful to hang out who I met last June at the World Tea Expo. I was thankful for Sara and Jo planning a weekend tea trip out! My highlights were T-shop, Té Company, along with the tea and chocolate while many of the tea stores were lovely! I can’t wait to return.

During the past weekend in July, an eclectic set of tea bloggers joined forces to research the New York City tea scene.

What tea areas did you visit to the #NYCTeaTour?
Chocolate from the Aged Tea & Chocolate Pairing from Mansa Tea at the Baccarat Hotel.
Photo courtesy of Rachel

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Sara is a great planner and combined with Jo they both came up with the tour areas.  Only thing I did was show up and generate a hashtag. The regional women know the people behind them and the spot.  I’d follow Sara, Jo, and Nicole everywhere. Note: they know all the foodie and fashion areas too. A girl may get lost in New York and go broke too, if not overly careful. 

What were some of your favourite parts?

Verna is a local.  I’d connected with her several times at The World Tea Expo.  She is definitely a tea enthusiast and fan of matcha. She loves dance and tea history.  It was amazing to connect with her.

They predicted it #NYCTeaTour — and their readers and followers joined them on their journey.
The brand new stuff for me was the tea and chocolate pairing, hojicha soft serve, avocado green tea with cheese top, and sparkling Darjeeling.  I learned that you can find anything in NYC which is saying a lot coming out of Chicago.

Read up on some of her favourite teas on Instagram and online.
Unforgettable moments comprise the Aged Tea & Chocolate pairing at the Baccarat. We did the tea but we mixed and matched to find out that which we would like also. It was educational and enjoyable and amazing. We started out using a large bang. 

Best overall was spending some time with my tea buddies. They really made this trip magnificent for me. 
We all are bloggers but with different focuses. Jo, Nicole, and Sara motivated my trip. We’ve known each other for a very long moment. This trip was made special because of these ladies.

Roasted Cold Brew Oolong out of Té Company
Photo courtesy of Rachel

Constance is the newest addition to the tea blogging household. Her trip to New York coincided with mine. We were the people of the group, her out of Ontario and me from Chicago. She loves to travel and find teas and writes about it. 

My favourite part of our excursion was spending some time with friends whom I don’t get to see quite often. Not one of us would have met if it hadn’t been for tea. The entire trip was also a fantastic reminder to not take each the wonderful tea areas in my backyard . We’re blessed to have so many to select from. I’m a bit biased but my favourite pairing was certainly the cheesecake covered in wildflower honey along with the Graceful Hill oolong of Té Company. It was a match made in heaven!

Make sure you look out for the Top 5 listing of locations on the excursion on the internet and on Instagram.
Do not miss her recap of the excursion on Instagram along with her tea reviews.
Jo has her children’s book about tea, and is a Certified Tea Blender consultant. At present, she is one of the trend models.  She contains a campaign in Sephora and is a Fenty Beauty Model for Rhianna makeup line.

Teapots at T-Shop
Photo courtesy of Rachel

Cold Brew Oolong and Pineapple Linzer at Te Company.  That was special. They’re not only known for their tea but additionally their desserts. Specifically their pineapple Linzer– I paired it with a cold that was roasted beverage freshwater. It had been perfect since it had been hot that weekend, people had been drinking a lot of things to cancel the heat.

Sparkling Darjeeling at 29B. I’m not much of a sparkling person but nevertheless they left it, the bubbles were fine — it was the champagne of tea and we paired our tea using a cheese plate — it had been the experience.
It had been such a special experience to see our NYC tea stores through the eyes of Rachel, who underwent them for the first time. I had been able to appreciate all the tea sources we have in a manner that was fresh. You will find so many great teas, and I’m still savoring. I’m so thankful we were able to create this NYC tea excursion for her.

Rachel stated they’d get dropped in conversation over tea. While they maintained on schedule, they left room for imperial and inspiration stops, which included King Kong , more tea and food, and purchasing on Broadway.

What new things did you really learn/taste?

We talked about tastes, compared notes, as tea geeks do.  We’ve got a tendency to geek out when we all identify layers that are similar in the tea.  Then we discuss the meals we and the tea paired. Obviously, we also talked about what to have because there’s never enough, and the constant subject of conversation always began with,”If you return….”

Rachel talked with us about her time on the tour… and persuaded some of her buddies to share some of their favourite parts too.

Powerful things happen when a group of girls get together — especially if that group of girls has a profound understanding of tea, a feeling of experience, and a taste for creativity. 

Nicole is an award-winning blogger and Tea Speaker. Her involvement will be at the Chicago Tea Festival this year. 

Will #NYCTeaotur become an annual pilgrimage?

Sara is a Certified Tea Sommelier which does wonderful work concerning tea and history.  She also dabbles in tea plants at home. She has quite the green thumb — I saw for myself.