Sip for Peace 2019 — Week 2

Sip for Peace 2019 — Week Two

Tea is the most consumed drink in the world and also for many cultures it’s used to celebrate meaningful customs.  Sip for Peace is a job with the mission of uniting this universe of tea people to create and share visions of a tranquil world. We remember the visions and voices that believe that humankind can live without war. By holding the future’s visions , maybe we can create something that no one living has experienced.

Babette Donaldson
Creator, Sip for Peace

How it Works

  1. Visit Sip for Peace 2019 — Week Two
  2. Pick an Picture Card to prompt a vision of world peace
  3. Pick a tea-growing region
  4. Pick among the thoughtful reflections to contemplate
  5. Put aside a moment for yourself alone or with others to Sip-In

This Week’s Tea-Growing Spots

  • Colombia
  • Nepal
  • Laos 

This Week’s Reflections By

  • James Norwood Pratt
  • Elyse Petersen
  • Mike Fritts

Plus downloads, more quotations, and other additional resources

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Picture copyright held by International Tea Sippers Society and Sip for Peace and used with permission