Tasting Notes for 2018 Autumn Laoshan Green / Verdant Tea

Tasting Notes for 2018 Autumn Laoshan Green / Verdant Tea

Edamame. Very vegetal. Slight astringency. Clean and crisp

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Tiffany Rupp is a teaholic. She loves to find new teas. Businesses which harvest their tea sustain-ably so far as tea goes she are her preference enjoys greens and oolongs that are lighter.

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Leaf Sort: Green

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This crop is chosen after resting the plant during summer. The end result is crisp, fresh taste with lotion which Laoshan for which Laoshan is renowned and more savory bean. He the signature tea of family is fed by mountain spring water, chosen by hand, and thickly using traditional farming methods including raising rows of soybean involving rows of tea. The northern climate signifies short growing seasons and cold winters, but the He Family perseveres, protecting their tea. The end result is a delicate green and sweet tea unlike any other in the world.

More tea, not as steep moment. More moment, less tea. Not as taste, An excessive amount of water. Each tea contains steeping parameters that are exceptional. Each steep will be different. Even for the identical tea of the harvest.