Tea Tax on Chinese Imports Commences

Stated last year’s tariff on aluminum forced the company to raise prices.

Retaliated Aug. 23 by increasing tariffs to 10% and 15% on $75 billion of
American goods effective Sept. 1. Hours later and only prior to the G7
summit in France, Trump additional 5 percent to the 10 for $550 billion in
Chinese goods, including tea, and endangered tariffs on a list of
consumer goods late in the year. He then expressed regret he had not
raised tariffs higher.

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“The only place for us to get the smooth-tasting,

It’s the world’s seventh
biggest producer at tons in 2018. But specialty teas
make up only about 10 percent of their total.

August the Trump Administration, expressing concern for retail sales during the
holidays, delayed until Dec. 15 tariffs on many categories of products including laptops, cell phones, toys and other products”based on health,
safety, national security, and other factors.” No tea products appear on List

Anticipation of this tariff Harney and others stocked up,”We’ve brought in
extra tea already. But over time our prices will go up,” he clarified. “Tea
is a competitive market, so our ability to pass on costs are restricted.”

His partner Josephine Pan and shu have owned ABC Teas since 1978. They import a
variety of teas to get their JT & Tea operation in California. Shu,
who is advised Taiwan’s Tea Ambassador, said that while Taiwan cannot
approach the quantity of China’s yearly production of 5 billion kilograms, tea
from Taiwan matches or exceeds criteria of quality for taste in addition to USDA
and EU and Western principles for organic production.

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Says tariffs have a”disproportionate financial impact” on small and
medium-sized companies responsible for paying the tariff.

The Trump Administration declared a 10% reduction on tea that was later bumped to 15% and could go as large as 30 percent, august. The rule covers all Chinese tea
including green and black tea packaged in bulk (sent in packages over 3 kilograms).

Tariffs will cost
families and average $460 by year end. Beijing filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization and also responded on goods with tariffs of its own.

Industry leaders say the tax will probably be disruptive, not painful , but as
Are currently paying 25% on packaging items from China,” said Mike Harney, vice
president at Harney & Sons Fine Tea

Mike Harney (Photo credit: Harney & Sons)

trade war continues to escalate

Is our biggest supplier. A bad year, india had . So, China is our most important source rather than replaceable,” said

Can be achieved because the present government is using tariffs as a weapon,
and we’re in the pathway of this,” finds Bigelow. “We can only expect that
Washington, D.C., will awaken and see what they are doing to companies around
the United States of America. That’s all we could hope for. I can’t talk for
Trump, but anybody who is in that position should know the consequences on businesses,”
said Bigelow.

Bigelow Tea CEO Cindi Bigelow clarified to this Hartford Currant,“It is probably a
$2 million impact on our company — right from our bottom line.”

Is also a major green tea producer but the Japanese beverage virtually all their
top-quality tea (matcha is the exception).

Not switch origins?
Is a link to products on
List4A (effective Sept. 1) and to List4B products (tariffs
effective Oct. 1 with a few delayed until Dec. 15).

Peter Goggi

The price for the unprecedented tariffs on Chinese tea effective.
“It is the consumers that get hurt,” says association president Peter Goggi.

Goggi noted that President Donald Trump cancelled the tariff once the Chinese agreed to return to the negotiating table, july. While negotiations
continue, a timely settlement looks unlikely.

The Section 301 Committee received a total of 2,932 comments on all products suggested in addition to testimony from over 300 witnesses. The tax applies to
all products that are entered for consumption or withdrawn from warehouse for
consumption on or after Sept. 1 (List4A) and Dec. 15 (List4B).

Indonesia produces 50 types of tea, mainly

To the most recent press release USTR will
start the procedure for climbing the tariff rates on products List4B to 30 percent on October
1 after a notice and comment period.

Is among the few states that you can get the thinnest-gauge aluminum
available. Nothing is made similar to that in the United States. Nothing. When we were impacted by the aluminum it was devastating. We needed to increase the price, and the
client saw that,” she stated, adding the oils have to be shielded for tea to keep its taste,”and the only thing to protect them is aluminum


“You can’t just
go to some other country.”

A 15% tariff to punish Chinese trade practices is currently impacting tea.
The most recent battle has rewritten the rules of commerce”in ways that have no recent historical precedent” and are driving the world’s two biggest economies farther apart, Ana Swanson of the NYT writes.