Why World Tea Conference & Expo is currently Moving to Denver

Why World Tea Conference & Expo is Moving to Denver

We transferred the World Tea Conference + Expo into Denver to put ourselves at the heart of the pure food sector where there are hundreds of natural food restaurants and merchants all of whom function and sell specialty tea; below the natural beauty of Colorado to reflect the pure beauty of tea plantations and their geographical locations; and among an artisan community that reflects the art kind and imaginative process of tea production.

Our aim in 2020 would be to embrace the community by incorporating artisan neighborhood and the natural foods to World Tea, and to bring World Tea to the community.
Denver, and
Boulder have brilliant art and music scenes with art districts, private galleries, opera houses, theaters, parks and world class museums. These cities have a
true artisan sensibility, much like you’d find in the creation of tea.   

The International
Specialty Tea Association states in their Definition
of Specialty Tea
tea calls for a significant amount of skill…like any other artwork, these skills
require honing within a lifetime” In other words, tea manufacturers and tea manufacturers are musicians using a creative procedure.

Natural beauty–the shortgrass prairie, lush national forests, foothills, mesas, rivers, lakes and magnificent mountains. When you immerse yourself at any of these natural environments you detect a feeling of calmness and serenity like you might with a cup of herbal tea.

Colorado represents

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Specialty tea is much more than only a beverage–it’s a community of beauty and elegance full of creative, enthusiastic, wonderful people–and we’re moving the World Tea Conference + Expo into Denver because its characteristics reflect the best characteristics of specialty tea.

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Both Denver and
Organic, the Core of the natural and organic food sector resides in such cities and specialty tea, which is natural and a supply of health, fits