Yogi Tea Acquired Choice Organic Teas

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Company’s reputation for high quality ingredients and well balanced blends relies on”discerning sourcing and close relationships with gardens around the
world makes it possible for us to offer a vast range of both distinctive and
traditional blends in tea bags and loose leaf.”

Tea was established a Kundalini yoga teacher who served tea starting in the 1960s, by Yogi Bhajan. Pupils named the brew”Yogi Tea.”
It was served in restaurants by the Sikh Dharma community beginning in 1984, founded. East West, based in 1972 in Los Angeles, is owned by the Sikh Dharma spiritual community. The company relocated to Eugene in 1992 and added production

Choice Organic Teas closed its mixing operation and shuttered its Seattle headquarters Monday, Sept. 30, after its acquisition by Yogi Tea. Option will re-locate into Eugene, Ore..
You the most flavorful teas accessible while making a positive social and
environmental effect,” writes the provider.   It did so until the end and guarantees to
continue under East West.

Organic Teas has been in the forefront of nice , eco-friendly tea . It was first to offer
the first tea company, and Fair Trade Certified ™ teas to become Non-GMO Project
Verified. The Seattle facility had energy-conserving wind power, together with board, and a tiny footprint.
“Our mission is to attract
Its operations enlarged, constructing a 180,000-square-foot
mill that started in 2018, the new building in Eugene in
nearly a decade. The 13-acre website can accommodate growth, such as a addition. The company called Giancarlo Marcaccini CEO in January
of the year. Yogi Tea employs 135 people in the U.S.

Teas, The Puget Sound Business Journal

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Was founded from Blake Rankin, an importer of Japanese organic and
macrobiotic foods. The company specialized in tea in 1989 and from 2005 has been the first tea company to be certified under the U.S. Department of
Agriculture’s National Organic Program (NOP).

Yogi Tea

A request was not responded to by east West Tea
East West was
Company’s Choice Tea’s Shiitake Oolong was given a sofi Award from the
Specialty Food Association in 2019. The company also produced a tea blended
with the medicinal mushroom Reishi used by monks to boost concentration.

Respectful and understanding exactly what the employees were going and
professional through the transition, according to employees.

Is the No. 1 selling tea in U.S. organic food stations. 60 teas are produced by the company.

Inc., based on Rankin, established organic tea plantations in Sri Lanka and
India to furnish the corporation. Fifteen years after Rankin advised The Puget Sound Business
the company was growing at 20 percent annually and
grossing $10 million in sales.

Organic Teas was set 30 years ago as the exclusively organic tea
lineup. The organization employed 30 people in the foot Seattle office
in which it produced 50 types of tea.